People Gauge is a very simple business........all we do is help you to get the very best out of your people.

As one of the UKs most innovative engagement measurement solutions, our approach is fresh, practical and really easy to work with.

It's well evidenced that actively engaged employees are more productive, more customer focused, more profitable and generally deliver improved business performance.

People Gauge is a simple but sophisticated online solution that accurately measures what your people think and feel about working for you.

We love Maslow - lets face it, he practically wrote the book on what makes people tick - so much of our work is based around his 'Hierarchy of Needs' model  - which to us is common sense!

Be warned - we are not pink and fluffy and we don't talk about 'satisfaction' or 'happy' people - we look at hard evidence that you can do something about - which to us is business sense!

People Gauge has been designed specifically to help you identify where exactly you should focus your attention to get the very best from your people and gain significant and sustained improvements.