People Gauge specialises in providing employee surveys for organisations who want to measure how actively engaged their people are.

People Gauge is one of the most innovative employee engagement measurement solutions in the UK. Developed by business specialists and psychologists, this practical, easy to use online solution measures what people really think and feel about working for you. 

Why is that important ? Because actively engaged people are more productive, more customer focused, more profitable and generally deliver improved business performance.

Be warned - we are not pink and fluffy and we don't talk about 'satisfaction' or 'happy' people - our surveys are designed to reveal hard facts that you can use to benefit your organisation.   People Gauge is not rocket science but an effective KPI which helps you to get the very best out of your people.

Our highly visual reports highlight where you are doing well, whilst pinpointing areas where you need to focus your attention to improve performance.  We help you achieve significant and sustained improvements.

We have also developed education specific surveys, Student Gauge and Parent Gauge - which when combined with People Gauge allow Head Teachers and governing bodies evaluate staff, student and parent engagement levels within their school.

For more information about any of our surveys or to request a demo, please contact us @

Watch this great YouTube video to find out just how having engaged employees could really make a difference to your business.